Mid Size Car Rentals

Mid size car rentals are the perfect step up from an economy or compact car. If you're looking for a few additional features and a little extra legroom in your rental car, book a midsize car. Usually mid-size car rentals offer things like automatic windows, power locks, and occasionally even Bluetooth connect. With a midsize car rental you're able to experience additional amenities and still stay within your car hire budget.

Mid-size car rentals are great for business travelers, a few friends traveling on vacation or a solo traveler exploring a new city because they offer a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride. Most mid size car rentals have slightly larger 4 cylinder engines that provide a fair amount of power without sacrificing fuel efficiency on the road. If you're traveling with a friend or two, a mid size car rental is a great choice. Midsize car rentals provide additional luggage space and legroom, allowing everyone on your trip a much more comfortable rental car experience. Whether its a weekend road trip or a week long vacation, booking a midsize car rental is the right way to go if you're looking for cheap car rentals with a few extra amenities.

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