Rental Cars in Seattle, WA

Enjoy all that Seattle has to offer by booking your rental car on Car Rezzy today! Seattle is located on the northern pacific coast of Washington making it a great place to enjoy beautiful nature and urban city life. Seattle is a city that has so much to see. Make sure your trip is one to remember by booking a cheap rental car with Car Rezzy.

The resilient city of Seattle

Today the city of Seattle, Washington is a bustling metropolis filled with great culture and northwest vibes. Over time Seattle has seen a variety of industry’s come through town. Around the 1800’s Seattle was known for its booming lumber Industry. Seattle was also as a major stop for thousands of miners traveling west during the Klondike Gold Rush. With its ideal location and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it’s no wonder Seattle has become a major US city and significant link in the transportation industry over the years.

Over the years with new industry and economic growth, Seattle has grown in both its population and prestige. However during the late 1800’s Seattle would face its first big test of resiliency with a major fire that burned down a large portion of the city. Seattle was strong in the midst of trial and was able to rebuild the damaged sections of the city in no time.

Explore Seattle with your car rental

Seattle offers both urban city life and lush green forests all within a short driving distance of each other. In your rental car take a drive out to one of the many forests and beautifully wooded areas that line the outer sections of the city. After enjoy sometime in nature take a drive over to the famous Space Needle. This one of a kind landmark is over 600 feet tall and offers visitors amazing views of the city and the surrounding area. Coffee and the city’s love for it is another iconic thing Seattle is known for. Even the world famous Starbucks® had its start here during the 1970’s. So if you enjoy coffee make sure to drive your rental car over to the original Starbucks® and enjoy one of their famous cup’s of coffee.

One thing that Seattle is also famous for is its rain. The best way to travel around the city in comfort and with ease is by booking a car rental. Having a dependable car rental from Car Rezzy will help ensure that your trip to Seattle is a great one! One thing you may also want to bring along with you on your trip is an extra rain jacket. Seattle has a good amount of rainy days every year, especially during the winter months. During the summer and spring months the weather in Seattle can be quite nice with temperatures reaching into the mid 70’s and 80’s.

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